Signs He Wants You Badly… Sexually

When a guy is sexually attracted to you, it can be very obvious. Sexual attraction is beautiful and can draw us to a person very strongly.  

This magnetic type of attraction is one that men are typically not shy about. They will tell you countless times that they want you very badly. 

Their sexual attraction can show through body language, what they say, or what they do. Although it can be completely confusing, that's ok.

This guide will help you decode those questionable moments. If you’re on the fence about how a guy is feeling, here are some signs he wants you badly sexually.

1. He's Always Complimenting You

Men are visual creatures and there's nothing more appealing to their eyes than a woman they find beautiful. This is also one of the more obvious signs they are sexually attracted to you.

If he's constantly complimenting you, he's communicating his level of attraction to you. Especially if he's always complimenting your physical appearance.

He finds you alluring even if he says these compliments lightheartedly or seriously. This is his way of making a move and letting you know he wants you.  

This kind of compliment can be about a body part or even a hairstyle. These compliments are your guy's way of expressing his interest in you and letting you know his interest and attraction are powerful. 

2. He Casually Touches You

If you notice he's finding any reason to touch you casually, you can be sure he's sending signals of sexual attraction. These touches are usually gentle and happen when you least expect it. 

These are also all subconscious signals of attraction. Your crush may not consciously try to touch you, but your guy will anyway due to his biological nature. 

This can be gently getting an eyelash off your face or removing your falling hair out of your face. These sweet gestures are also ways of telling you he admires you and really, really wants you. 

3. He Holds Eye Contact

The eyes truly are the window to the soul, but they are also one way a man connects with you when he's sexually attracted to you. 

If he's looking deep into your eyes, it's an unspoken way of telling you how much he desires you. Ever look into a crush's eyes and feel nervous? There's a reason for that. 

So when he's keeping eye contact with you, it indicates that he is desirous of you. 

4. He Gets Close to You

Typically as humans, when we're interested in someone and think they are attractive, we naturally want to get closer to them. 

It's no different for men. If he feels a sexual attraction, he will naturally want to close the gap and get closer to you. 

Even on a scientific level, he will draw closer because of pheromones. This chemical is a natural biological response to the opposite sex. 

In other words, it's a chemical reaction to being attracted to the opposite sex. So, if you find a man is bringing his body closer to yours, understand his attraction is way past physical, and he craves you. 

5. He Licks His Lips 

When you're talking to a guy and he begins to lick his lips, you can guarantee his mind is in a very naughty place. 

This sign of sexual attraction is one that is common and without question means, he needs and wants you very badly. 

It could be the result of him fantasizing while looking at you, or, he may think you look quite delicious in your outfit. Either way, he's thinking of how much he wants to get his hands on you. 

6. He Gets Jealous About Other Guys

If he can't stand the thought of you with another guy it's because he wants to win you over. The thought of another man in his place absolutely drives him crazy. 

This happens in part because men tend to be very territorial. They don't even want to see another man try to take what they have or want. 

So, if he gets annoyed by another man trying to talk to you or interrupts conversations you have with someone else, he is sexually attracted to you and wants to get you alone. 

7. He Can't Stop Moving

Sometimes a man will become so nervous that he constantly fidgets around you. He can't seem to stop moving around while talking to you. 

If he keeps shifting in his seat on a date, or he can't stop fixing his hair, checking to ensure he looks okay, etc, it's because he's nervous over you and highly attracted to you. 

8. He Texts You Back to Back

This is also known as double texting. If you notice he frequently texts you one message after the other, he's showing significant interest in you. 

Men don't typically like to text, so if he's double texting you, this guy certainly has a profound interest and wants more of you.

9. He's Very Affectionate

An affectionate guy is not only one who wants you badly but also wants you romantically.

Affection can come in the form of touch, being open about his feelings towards you, sweet gestures, etc. Affection is one of the loudest ways a man tells you he's got the hots for you and needs you.

10. His Voice Deepens Around You

It may sound strange, but if a man is sexually attracted to you, his voice will become deeper when he's around you.

Studies show that when a man is attracted to a woman, he deepens his voice as an indicator of attraction. This change is done instinctually, and he may not even notice he's doing it.

So be assured he's not being weird. He's just very, very sexually attracted to you.

11. He Wants to See You in Something Sexy

Guys tend to have their own fantasies about what they enjoy seeing women in the most. For some men, this is a certain type of lingerie, while for others, it's a particular fabric or style of clothing.  

Maybe your crush has asked to see you in a sexy red dress or black lace lingerie. Either way, he's letting you know he's been fantasizing about it and wants to be the one to take it off you after it's all said and done. 

12. His Face is Always Flushed   

There is nothing more telling than a guy who is blushing. Blushing always occurs as an indicator of someone making us feel a powerful emotion. 

This is a good sign if a guy blushes while on a date. If he's complimenting you or just at the sight of you, it's because he finds you captivatingly sexy and cannot hide it. 

13. He's Not Afraid to be Vulnerable  

This sign may be a little unexpected, but it's very true. If you find your crush starting to open up to you and let you into his vulnerabilities, he wants to be much more with you. 

Men don't usually like to open up and share their emotions. It's only when they begin to trust someone that they are inclined to do this. 

So, if he's becoming more open with you, you can believe it's because his sexual desirability towards you is growing. 

14. He Works to Impress You    

Working to impress a woman takes a lot of effort for most guys. A guy has to exhaust his resources somehow to ensure he puts a smile on your face. 

When he's making an effort like this, he's attracted to you in more ways than one—making an impression can come in the form of expensive gifts, buying you flowers constantly, taking you out to the most excellent places, and much more. 

Only a man who is crazy about and sexually attracted to you will work to impress you. 

15. He Enjoys Showing You Off  

When a man shows you off, his interest level towards you is past strong. This means he wants you to know where you stand with him. 

He also wants others to know where you stand in his life and how important you are to him. It's also a massive indicator of his yearning for you romantically, as a partner, and sexually.

16. He Brings up Sexual Topics 

If he's bringing up sexual topics in conversation, it's obvious he wants you the worst way. 

This is his way of being curious about you and wondering what you would be like during steamy moments. His imagination is going wild, and he isn't shy about making sure you know it! 

17. He Always Looks Good for You 

When a guy looks good to you all the time, it's because he wants to attract you. No man puts effort into looking suitable for someone he doesn't genuinely want. 

So if he's always dressed to the nines and smelling nice for you, he wants to draw you closer to him in every way. 

18. It's hard for Him to Hold Back Smiles.

He constantly smiles around you, and he cannot help it. But, you notice that he becomes a blushing, smiling mess whenever you are together. 

This isn't just a coincidence. A man who can't stop smiling at you is a very positive sign. It means he's smitten with you; chances are, his sexual attraction is going wild when he's grinning from ear to ear. 

19. He Loves Conversing With You

Men talk way less compared to women. So it's not uncommon to find a guy who may not want to text much, or he may not be very talkative in the beginning. 

But if you notice he constantly wants to keep conversing with you, there's some steamy attraction. 

20. He Faces You When Talking

When we talk to people, we tend to move around. We may look in other directions or turn our bodies as we move. 

However, if your guy is facing you while you talk, this is a clear sign of sexual attraction. 

He's unconsciously taking in the view of you. A view that he finds alluring, so much that he's got his complete physical and mental attention on you. 

This sign is highly flattering and not to mention very sweet. If he does this, chances are he finds you not only sexy but also very captivating and dreamy.

21. His Heart Races

It's no secret that a rapid heart rate equates to excitement. So we usually get excited about someone we are interested in or find very hot. 

If you notice his heart nearly pounding out of his chest, he's over the hills attracted to you. This is usually the result of nerves and just enjoying being in your company. Other physical signs include: 

  • Rapid breathing
  • Sweating profusely
  • Increased body temperature
  • Becoming tongue-tied

Please take these as compliments because it means you drive him crazy in the best way. 

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Why Is Sexual Attraction Important? 

Sexual attraction is crucial when it comes to dating and relationships in general. However, this importance varies on different levels. 

If you're sexually attracted to one another, this will help to strengthen your sexual compatibility. Conversely, if you're not sexually compatible, this could easily impact the relationship negatively. 

Sexual attraction is also essential when remaining connected to your partner. If your sexual bond is strong, then you will likely have a strong relationship. 

Sex can be one of the healthy building blocks of a relationship. Healthy communication, honesty, and trust are a few things that play a role in a healthy foundation that builds from sexual attraction. 

Science and Sexual Chemistry 

On a scientific level, sexual attraction is primal. Believe it or not, we unconsciously gauge a potential life partner by sexual attraction. 

We unintentionally evaluate a potential mate through bone structure, voice, and pheromones. We also assess the symmetry of someone's body, their bodily shape, and their body language. 

All of these characteristics are determining factors of genetic compatibility. Furthermore, sexual chemistry also plays a major role in sexual attraction.  

Sexual Chemistry is the physical reaction you have when attracted to someone. So often, when we find someone immensely desirable, our palms can become sweaty, our heart races, we feel flushed, etc. 

Other times the reaction can be an overwhelming feeling of being magnetized or pulled toward that person. Either way, you know that feeling is exceptional. 

Impact of Sexual Chemistry and Attraction

There are upsides and downsides to sexual chemistry in dating and relationships. If you and your guy have healthy chemistry, this could lead to endless intimacy and, if you choose, a great relationship. 

On the flip side, if other aspects of the relationship aren't together, sexual chemistry won't matter. So no matter how much you and your guy may be into one another, if there isn't a healthy foundation, it will be tough to keep chemistry even while just dating. 

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Why Is it Important to Know These Signs?

Knowing the signs he wants you badly sexually or not is vital for a few reasons. First, these signs can help you gauge the level of attraction he has towards you. 

Maybe you find him insanely attractive, and you find yourself liking him more and more. Well, it's always important to know if he reciprocates those feelings. Not knowing if he feels the same can cause you to waste time and end in heartbreak. 

Another reason you need to know these signs is to pick up on his actions. Sometimes, guys have very different definitions of romantic gestures.

In their minds, they are only trying to be charming and sensual, which can be awkward and uncomfortable for us. So, understanding these signs will help you better recognize what he's doing exactly and why he's doing it.

Lastly, knowing these signs can strengthen a bond with him if you're looking to take things to the next level with your guy potentially, where things head could depend on your reactions to these signs.

Do These Signs Mean he Only Wants Sex? 

Ultimately, this depends on the context between you and your guy. But, of course, it's always essential to ensure you are both on the same page. 

Even if you're just in the phase of crushing on one another and you're going out on dates. You must make sure you are both looking for the same thing.

These signs are universal, although some will depend on what he's looking for. For example, typically, a guy who wants sex will be more upfront.

Although it does depend on the person, some guys can still want to keep it casual and relaxed while remaining entirely gentlemanly.

Despite this, he can still become very nervous around you. He can still blush, compliment you, become jealous, find reasons to touch you, etc. 


You must keep these signs in mind, especially if a guy in your life has become the apple of your eye. Sometimes, it's not easy for a guy to express his feelings towards you. That's where these signs come into play, and understanding why they happen will undoubtedly keep away any confusion.

You will get a clearer idea of how interested he is if he's displaying any of these signs. Just remember, these don't exactly tell you whether he genuinely cares for you or simply wants sex from you.

So, having a conversation regarding his intentions is always necessary. These signs tell a great deal, but they may not entirely convey his thinking.