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The Final Answer
Review Summary: While is one of the lowest cost online divorce options out there, it does seem in this case the expression “you get what you pay for” rings true. Overall, the service is legitimate, however, the abundance of poor online reviews means most consumers should look at alternative services. Our Rating: (2.0/5.0 Poor) Our Rankings: comes in #7 out of 10 in our “Best Online Divorce” rankings. Our #1 recommendation is 3StepDivorce, you can read our detailed review here, or check out 3StepDivorce now >>.

Simply put, divorce is never easy. The emotional turmoil, cost, and legal complications that coincide with the divorce process can be devastating.

But what if there was an easier way? What if you could file for divorce from anywhere, for a lower cost?

If you are thinking about filing, chances are you are researching online-only services for divorce. There are several of them available, and it can be challenging to decipher which ones are legitimate and which ones are just after your money.

Read on for a complete and thorough review of the GetDivorcePapers system – from pricing to processing.

What Is GetDivorcePapers?

GetDivorcePapers is a low-cost, online divorce service that helps couples get the correct divorce forms in each state through an easy web-based interface.

GetDivorcePapers considers the wide range of divorce laws across the United States, so you do not have to worry about the technicalities and logistics of your divorce papers.

The website has answers to relevant questions you may have about filing for divorce electronically and filing for divorce in general.

Since everything is online, the GetDivorcePapers team is always available to address your concerns and uses technology to ensure all documents are up-to-date and legitimate before being filed in your state's divorce court.

Who Is Eligible to Use GetDivorcePapers?

Anyone is eligible if they are experiencing an uncontested divorce. If a couple is having a contested divorce and any disagreement on who gets what, GetDivorcePapers is not the best service to use.

Requirements is a good fit if:

  • The location of both spouses is known
  • You and your spouse don't have a lot of assets or you 100% agree on the division of the assests
  • You and your spouse agree on co-parenting terms (or you don't have children)
  • You and your spouse are not arguing and both want an amicable divorce, or a mediator is involved and you need to complete your own divorce papers.

Keep in mind, it costs an average of $15,000 in attorney fees if you file for divorce with an attorney. So it is financially a good option to use an online divorce service such as or 3StepDivorce, which is our #1 choice of online divorce companies.

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How Does GetDivorcePapers Work?

This service has many features and tools to help you file for divorce online.

Divorce laws and paperwork vary from state to state, but GetDivorcePapers will help you get the right forms based on what state you are filing for divorce.

Here’s how the site’s process works:

Step 1: Answer a few questions to see if you qualify.

picture of GetDivorcePapers Step 1

Based on your responses, GetDivorcePapers will determine your eligibility.

picture of GetDivorcePapers Step 1a

Step 2: Enter basic information about you, your spouse and your marriage information.

Step 3: Enter information about your children and pregnancy.

Step 4: Enter information about your property and debt.

Step 5: Enter information about your children and/or pregnancy.

Step 6: Enter information about your employment and income.

Step 7: Enter information about your children and pregnancy.

Step 8: Review your pre-registration summary.

Step 9: Create your account and pay the service fee.

Step 10: Once payment is received and the account is created you will proceed to the detailed interview section which can be saved and returned to in your account. Once complete the divorce forms can be submitted to the court for processing.

Included Features and Functionality

GetDivorcePapers has plenty of beneficial features. Some of these include:

  • Divorce papers provided instantly
  • A step-by-step process
  • Unlimited changes to documents with no additional charges
  • Online interview questions are user-friendly and not ridden with legalese

The functionality is reliable and fast, with a simple online process.

To file for divorce on GetDivorcePapers, all you have to do is create an account, answer the questions they provide you, print & file the documents, and then file them with the court.

Is GetDivorcePapers Easy to Use?

Yes! The site uses language that the average person can comprehend, and information on each step of the process is just a click away.

To begin the process, you have to answer a few simple questions to ensure you are eligible to file with GetDivorcePapers.

If you are eligible, you can begin the interviewing process, which saves as you go and allows you to exit and return at any time – perfect for those busy with full-time jobs or obligations.

Editing Capabilities

GetDivorcePapers updates their forms as soon as a state (or states) release new regulations. Clients receive notification of these changes.

You can edit your case at any time, and there is no deadline for submitting your papers for your case.

Clients can access their cases whenever they like, at no extra cost. Any changes you make are auto-saved.

Customer Support

Customer Service is where GetDivorcePapers shines, or at least that is what they claim on their website. Aside from being available at any hour of the day, they are also:

  • Completely transparent. Customer service representatives want your divorce to be as easy as possible and are honest with you about your specific divorce case.
  • Available after hours for those that work late or have busy days
  • Not able to provide legal help, but can assist you in finding a family attorney if needed
  • Ready to answer questions by phone, email, or live chat through their website

GetDivorcePapers states that their customer service representatives are caring and empathetic during one of the most trying times of your life. This might be true for some but overall the general sentiment of previous customers online is that the customer service of the company leaves something to be desired.


This service offers a 100% money-back guarantee. If your papers get rejected by the court, you get a full refund. Although based on numerous online reviews, it appears many previous customers have had trouble getting them to honor this policy, so buyer beware.

What States Can Utilize GetDivorcePapers?

Every state has its differing laws, regulations, and processes for divorce – including online services.

Fortunately, all states allow GetDivorcePapers service to be used to aid in the divorce filing process. Also, if you or your spouse is in the military or live in different states or countries, you are still good to go.

They also offer services in over 60 countries, so you can still file outside of the United States.

GetDivorcePapers also offers the following services that differ in regulations by state:

  • Calculating child support costs
  • Parenting/Custody plan
  • Alimony agreements

Pro Tip: Remember that these services are only available if the divorce is uncontested. If either party disagrees on the divorce terms, you cannot use these tools or file with GetDivorcePapers.

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How Long Does GetDivorcePapers Take?

However long you want it to. Since you can go in and edit your case information whenever needed, and there are no deadlines, you never have to worry about a delay in filing or processing it too quickly.

Generally speaking, the average divorce on this site takes about an hour to file. The average timeline for a divorce with a lawyer varies by state.

For example, in South Carolina, it takes up to 90 days to possibly over a year and an additional waiting period following the approval of the divorce. In New York, the average is three months with no waiting period.

How Much Does GetDivorcePapers Cost?

GetDivorcePapers is by far the most affordable online divorce service or divorce service in general.

GetDivorcePapers service costs $139. You can also upgrade to an extended subscription that costs around $37.99 a month.

The average divorce lawyer can cost up to $5,000, so GetDivorcePapers is perfect for those who want to file an uncontested divorce and want to save on those high divorce attorney fees.

However, they do charge for shipping. Shipping costs are $32.99, as stated in the fine print.

Remember that if the court rejects your papers, you get a full refund, but numerous complaints and reviews say this doesn't always happen as advertised.

Pro Tip: You still have to pay the court filing fees for your local jurisdiction, These filing fees will cost you an additional $100 to $400 depending on where you are filing for divorce.

Is GetDivorcePapers Legitimate?

Yes – they are a SecurityMetrics Credit Card safe company and an approved company with SecureTrust. Their business is registered as a limited liability corporation under the name SS Solutions LLC and their headquarters is located in the state of Delaware.

GetDivorcePapers is a legitimate company and their website is considered safe using https for secure communications. However, you should still use caution when giving them your personal information as you would with any website.

GetDivorcePapers Reviews Online

Reviews are the most relied upon indicator for purchases, especially online.

GetDivorcePapers has scattered reviews. Some are glowing, some are somewhere in the middle but a lot of their reviews are not favorable. Below is a wide range of sources for online reviews found from several different platforms on the web, all done by actual users and not ads.


Reddit is an excellent source of user-generated content that can mostly be trusted. The users on this platform are generally posting information that is not fake, cherry picked or solicited.

Here are a few examples of threads discussing the service on Reddit.


The user reviews on TrustPilot are generally not positive, while some are Excellent most are Poor as you can see in the picture of their review page below.

picture of GetDivorcePapers on Trustpilot

Most positive review on TrustPilot: “It was simple and not too time-consuming. The price was extremely reasonable compared to other online sites.” – TrustPilot user Candida Gentry

Most negative review on TrustPilot: “I filled out paperwork, paid 200 bucks. All of our personal information is out there with scammers who can sell it.” – TrustPilot user Nikki

Most neutral review on TrustPilot: “I want to finalize my process [to] give a full testimony of the service, but preparing the papers has been simple.” – TrustPilot user Maxie Costa

Better Business Bureau (BBB)

The BBB is strict in its standards and provides extensive information on scams, so these reviews are some of the most reliable.

In the picture of GetDivorcePapers profile below, you can see that their reviews on the BBB are fairly poor overall. They only have 11 reviews with a 1.36 out of 5 rating but also have numerous complaints from previous customers.

picture of GetDivorcePapers BBB

Positive review on BBB: “I would recommend this service if you are getting a divorce and you both agree on things. It is easy.” – BBB user Chante R.

However, the positive reviews mostly stop there. Negative reviews are mostly what you will find such as this one below.

A negative review on BBB: “Horrible. [I was] refused a refund…even though I met the terms. They were rude and completely unwilling to help. Customer service is a nightmare.” – BBB user Lisa H.

Note: The Better Business Bureau rates this service as F. Their reasoning for this rating is as follows:

  • Failure to respond to 80 complaint(s) filed against business
  • 108 total complaints filed
  • One unresolved complaint

The BBB also states that their ratings and reviews are not a guarantee of legitimacy. That is per your discretion.


The customer reviews on SiteJabber are generally positive – the average rating is 4.6 out of 5 stars.

picture of GetDivorcePapers profile on SiteJabber

A positive review on SiteJabber: “Service was so easy and efficient. [I] like this service, direct to the point. Recommend 10/10.” – SiteJabber user Edward B. 

A negative review on SiteJabber: “They double charged me, admitted it, 20 days later, [after] eight phone calls, I still [do not] have my money back.” – SiteJabber user Kara B.

Another review on SiteJabber: “[I am] moving forward with their service. While the process is simple, I do not [like] signing you up for two memberships, and I am sure most customers would feel the same way.” – SiteJabber user Carlos S.

Our Thoughts: The reviews on SiteJabber are very different than what is out there on the BBB or Reddit. One possible reason is that GetDivorcePapers may be sending customers that they know will be giving them a good review to this site and filtering out customers that they know will not be giving them a good review. This isn't necessarily a bad business practice but it is something you should be aware of.

Conclusion of User Reviews

As you can see, the reviews of GetDivorcePapers are polarizing.

The consensus seems to be that if you fit the demographic perfectly (you are in the process of an uncontested divorce), you can use this service if it feels right to you but you should take caution.

We also would recommend utilizing other online divorce services and our #1 recommendation is 3 Step Divorce.

Pros and Cons of GetDivorcePapers

The pros and cons of GetDivorcePapers are not nearly as broad as the user reviews – the pros outweigh the cons.

  • Appealing low price point
  • Easy to navigate website
  • The online process is streamlined and quick
  • Poor online reviews
  • Some users found the language on the website poorly translated and difficult to understand
  • Legal advice is not provided, only assistance with completing forms

Pro Tip: From a legal standpoint, the language/grammar is a red flag – a legal service should have excellent writing and communication skills.

GetDivorcePapers Competitors

Like any online business, GetDivorcePapers has its competitors. Below are a few similar and higher rated services.

This competitor is another document preparation website that specializes in helping their users fill out the legal forms they need to finalize their divorces. is highly regarded as the best online divorce option you can choose. Overall, you will find their website to be very easy to use, affordable and your divorce documents can be completed quickly.

Additionally, their customer service is best in class and you will have access to additional value-added services such as their “divorce negotiation platform” which is extremely helpful for divorcing spouses.

This is why they are our top pick of all the online divorce websites we reviewed.

We did a full review of 3-Step Divorce here. is another one of the better online divorce options you can choose, it is not the cheapest or the best overall in our rankings but still a solid choice. They boast that they have over 700,000 customers in the last 20+ years of being in business.

While they do have some mixed reviews online, these should be read and evaluated by you before making a final decision. We did a review of CompleteCase's service here for your convenience. is positioning itself as a premium online divorce service for those that want more hands-off options.

Because of the premium “white-glove” service they offer, they also have a premium price tag. Keep in mind, the cost is still far below what using a divorce attorney would cost. We reviewed's service here for you to check out.

Pro Tip: We did a full ranking and review of all the best online divorce services that are available today. If you are considering using this type of service for your uncontested divorce, please check out these reviews to make an informed decision before you make a purchase.

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Alternatives to GetDivorcePapers

The most obvious alternative to GetDivorcePapers is to get a family attorney or divorce lawyer.

If you are having any disagreements about your divorce with your spouse, it is best to get an attorney to ensure both parties are represented correctly.

Another alternative to GetDivorcePapers is to go to your state's court systems website and download and fill out the forms without the use of an online divorce service. However, this option can be cumbersome and you are on your own because they will not have customer service or provide any assistance.

We recommend you use 3StepDivorce instead, click here >>

GetDivorcePapers FAQs

If you are still questioning online divorce, below are answers to some of the most commonly asked questions regarding GetDivorcePapers.

  • How Do I File My Documents?
    Like any divorce service, you have to go to your local courthouse and file your divorce papers. GetDivorcePapers cannot file for you.
  • How Quickly Will I Get My Forms?
    They’re typically available almost instantly after you submit your interview answers.
  • How Long Can I Access My Account?
    That depends. If you get your papers filed quickly, you do not need the subscription. But if you think your divorce will take longer than a month, you need to sign up for the monthly plan to ensure you can access your documents.
  • Is a Secure Website?
    Yes. There are several certifications located on their website that you can click on for further information. Your information is safe.
  • What If I Don’t Have Answers to All of the Questions on the Questionnaire?
    Eventually, you’ll need to. But, since you can save your interview and return later, it’s okay if you can’t answer all of the questions at once.
  • Do I Have to Answer All the Questions?
    The more thorough you are, the better. You’re more likely to get approved in court if you provide a detailed interview.
  • What If My Spouse and I Can’t Agree on How to Answer a Question?
    Step away for a minute and try to work it out yourselves. If you’re arguing about child support or alimony, though, you should get a divorce attorney.
  • How Can I Review My Documents?
    Reviewing documents is convenient and easy with GetDivorcePapers. You can access your divorce documents at any time and make edits to them at no extra charge.
  • Can I Get a Refund?
    GetDivorcePapers has a 100% money-back guarantee if the court rejects your filing. However, buyer beware, a lot of previous customers have reported this guarantee was not honored.
  • How Do I Contact GetDivorcePapers If I Have Questions?
    Their customer service is always there for you by phone, email, or chatbox. Their contact information is: Phone: 1-855-865-1218 Email: Address: SS Solutions LLC 501 Silverside Rd Ste 105 Wilmington, DE 19809
  • Final Thoughts

    GetDivorcePapers is an ideal option if you’re looking for a quick way to file for divorce and your relationship with your spouse is amicable.

    They’re affordable, easy to use, and easy to contact.

    However, if there are much better options available for you to use that will provide a much better experience. As we stated previously, 3 Step Divorce is our #1 choice of all the online divorce platforms.