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Review Summary: is a legit company located in Rancho Santa Margarita California. They started their online divorce service in 2002 and claim to have over 1.2 million customers. There are a lot more negative reviews than positive from previous customers and the BBB has a lot of complaints filed with them. Unfortunately, we feel that there are much better online divorce services for you to consider. We reviewed service below for your convenience. Our Rating: (2.2/5.0 Below Average) Our Rankings: comes in #9 out of 10 in our “Best Online Divorce” rankings. Our #1 recommendation is 3StepDivorce, you can read our detailed review here, or check out 3StepDivorce now >>.

A divorce can be emotionally devastating. Your life is essentially being upended. The person you thought was your life partner is no longer in the picture, and now it is time to separate your lives.

Getting a divorce can take time and money, but you can simplify the process with an online platform.

My Divorce Papers is one reputable platform, but what does it do? Is it even legal in my state? How long will it take to file the paperwork?

You’ll find the answers to these and other questions in this article, starting with how the platform works.

What Is My Divorce Papers?

My Divorce Papers has helped over 1.2 million customers fill out the required paperwork since the platform’s launch in 2002.

The online service offers free registration. You won’t pay a fee until the end of the process. It’s a handy tool to use when you have little time and want to avoid lawyer fees. The website states it only takes an hour to complete the divorce forms, but this timeframe only applies to simple cases.

It will take you longer when children and marital assets are involved.

The DIY divorce preparation service is not a legal service. You will not get advice on how to handle your case. They simply give you the assistance needed to fill out the paperwork.

The service fills out the paperwork and delivers them in real-time. They also provide a 100% guarantee, so you know the forms are correct.

It’s a straightforward process that makes going through a divorce a little easier on you.

Who Is Eligible To Use My Divorce Papers?

Anyone seeking a divorce from a legal marriage is eligible to use My Divorce Papers. It’s a good option for spouses that don't want to use lawyers and those looking for a quick and simple divorce.

If you are not legally married, there’s no reason to need the platform. It is also not designed to handle complicated separations or divorces. Before you decide you are eligible for the platform, consider your unique situation.

Requirements is a good fit if:

  • The location of both spouses is known
  • You and your spouse don't have a lot of assets or you 100% agree on the division of the assests
  • You and your spouse agree on co-parenting terms (or you don't have children)
  • You and your spouse are not arguing and both want an amicable divorce, or a mediator is involved and you need to complete your own divorce papers.

Keep in mind, it costs an average of $15,000 in attorney fees if you file for divorce with an attorney. So it is financially a good option to use an online divorce service such as or 3StepDivorce, which is our #1 choice of online divorce companies.

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How Does My Divorce Papers Work?

My Divorce Papers is an online service primarily designed for non-contested divorces.

You start by creating an account and identifying the state you are getting divorced in. For most customers, the state listed is the one they are also living in.

picture of MyDivorcePapers Step 1

The platform also gives you the option of filing for an annulment or legal separation.

After answering questions about your assets, income, employment, and debts, along with living arrangements and timeline for the divorce, you will receive an online copy of your paperwork. Correctly filled out and ready for filling with your local court system.

picture of MyDivorcePapers Process

You will pay a fee for the service. Once you pay the fee, your forms are delivered. You can also choose to have the paperwork sent by standard mail.

One great aspect of the platform is it takes care of serving the divorce papers to your spouse. It is an extra fee, but for some customers, it is worth the added expense.

What’s Included – Features and Functionality

When you use My Divorce Papers, you get a personal case manager to walk you through the process. Have questions? No problem, your account manager is here to help.

Your case manager is familiar with all aspects of your divorce, including the difficult ones. Custody arrangements can drag divorces out, sometimes for years, but one of the platform’s features is a Parenting Plan.

Other features include a custody and alimony calculator.

Customers also have access to an extensive online library containing materials on divorces. Along with state and federal laws, there’s a video archive covering all possible aspects of a divorce.

It’s amazing the sense of relief you feel when you have all of the information at your fingertips.

Easy to Use?

The platform is user-friendly. It has an intuitive design that guides you through the registration process and filling out your divorce paperwork.

My Divorce Papers also provides users with a case manager. Any questions you have, you should get an immediate response.

Editing Capabilities

You can edit your divorce papers at any time as new information comes in. You can leave fields blank to fill in later or correct previously supplied answers.

Once you click on the send button, this changes. You cannot make any changes to your divorce paperwork after two years.

Unfortunately, the courts will notice any mistakes and send your paperwork back. You have to pay a fee to refill the forms, so take your time before submitting them.

Customer Support

There is a customer support phone number listed on My Divorce Papers website, 1-800-604-2860. You can also contact the company via their website.

Reviews are mixed when it comes to the amount of support customer service provides. Some customers mentioned not getting a response, while others were satisfied with the help and service.


The platform offers a 100% money-back guarantee on its services. The online company promises to deliver the proper documents to you on time.

However, the business has a reputation for issuing slow refunds, even after multiple contact attempts.

What States Are My Divorce Papers Available In?

Divorces laws are different in every state and using My Divorce Papers is possible in all 50 states. The platform will also make sure you fill out and submit the correct forms and follow the correct process.

Pro Tip: Remember that these services are only available if the divorce is uncontested. If both spouses agree on the divorce terms, you can use or our top recommendation 3StepDivorce.

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In most cases, you won’t have a problem using My Divorce Papers to finalize your decision to move on with your life.

How Long Does My Divorce Papers Take?

The amount of time it takes for your divorce depends on you. The company offers a rebate to customers that complete their paperwork in a single business day. Usually, this timespan only applies to annulments and marriages without any children or assets.

You want to have the paperwork ready to fill within 30 days of downloading it to avoid an additional monthly fee. Once you file the paperwork, the time it takes to make it through the court system can vary dramatically based on the current caseload and backlog.

It usually takes the company three to ten days to serve a spouse with the paperwork if you paid for this service.

How Much Does My Divorce Papers Cost?

The cost for My Divorce Papers is $139.

There are other optional fees that you can choose to add onto your purchase, including:

  • Serve your Spouse with Divorce Papers
  • File Forms at the courthouse
  • Attempt to obtain a Fee Waiver for Court Cost
  • Complete Pet Custody Agreement
  • Revocation of a any Power of Attorneys
  • Revocation of an existing Healthcare Directive
  • Living Will / Advanced Healthcare Directive
  • Quitclaim Deed for all Real Estate needs
  • Qualified Domestic Relations Order (QDRO)
  • USPS or Federal Express Overnight Shipping

It is also a good idea to watch out for hidden fees. Like most online business platforms, there are a few hidden in the fine print. You want to ensure you opt-out of every additional service and program before you get a surprise on your next bank statement.

Is My Divorce Papers Legitimate?

My Divorce Papers is a legitimate service. It is a listed company with The Better Business Bureau (BBB) and is recognized across the United States.

The company’s rankings with the BBB aren’t stellar. They have mixed reviews, with the majority of complaints centering on inaccurate paperwork and excessive hidden fees. Still, it is a legitimate platform for anyone needing help navigating their divorce paperwork.

My Divorce Papers Reviews Online

As mentioned earlier, My Divorce Papers has varied reviews and currently have a “poor” rating on TrustPilot.

picture of MyDivorcePapers TrustPilot reviews

The positive ones are from customers with simple, uncontested divorces. Clients with little assets and no children also gave the service favorable reviews, but there are also troubling ones.

Hidden fees for unwanted services are a problem. Some customers complain fees are still charged to their accounts after they filed the paperwork.

Others note the inconsistencies in their paperwork, and a lack of customer service is another problem for several clients.

Pros and Cons of My Divorce Papers

It wouldn’t be an honest review without a list of pros and cons about the divorce paperwork platform.

  • Easy and intuitive process
  • Unlimited free editing for two years
  • Customer support and a case manager
  • Extensive online library
  • Overview of divorce laws in all 50 states
  • 100% money-back guarantee if the court does not accept your divorce papers
  • Multiple additional services offered
  • Not designed for contested divorces
  • Does not provide legal advice
  • The parent company has a Better Business Bureau rating of F
  • Poor reviews on TrustPilot

My Divorce Papers Competitors

My Divorce Papers is not the only platform to choose from. Here are 3 better options for you to choose from.

This competitor is another document preparation website that specializes in helping their users fill out the legal forms they need to finalize their divorces. is highly regarded as the best online divorce option you can choose. Overall, you will find their website to be very easy to use, affordable and your divorce documents can be completed quickly.

Additionally, their customer service is best in class and you will have access to additional value-added services such as their “divorce negotiation platform” which is extremely helpful for divorcing spouses.

This is why they are our top pick of all the online divorce websites we reviewed.

We did a full review of 3-Step Divorce here. is another one of the better online divorce options you can choose, it is not the cheapest or the best overall in our rankings but still a solid choice. They boast that they have over 700,000 customers in the last 20+ years of being in business.

While they do have some mixed reviews online, these should be read and evaluated by you before making a final decision. We did a review of CompleteCase's service here for your convenience. is positioning itself as a premium online divorce service for those that want more hands-off options.

Because of the premium “white-glove” service they offer, they also have a premium price tag. Keep in mind, the cost is still far below what using a divorce attorney would cost. We reviewed's service here for you to check out.

Pro Tip: We did a full ranking and review of all the best online divorce services that are available today. If you are considering using this type of service for your uncontested divorce, please check out these reviews to make an informed decision before you make a purchase.

Check out our review of the top 10 now >>

My Divorce Paper Alternatives

The most obvious alternative to is to get a family attorney or divorce lawyer.

If you are having any disagreements about your divorce with your spouse, it is best to get an attorney to ensure both parties are represented correctly.

Another alternative to is to go to your state’s court systems website and download and fill out the forms without the use of an online divorce service. However, this option can be cumbersome and you are on your own because they will not have customer service or provide any assistance.

We recommend you use 3StepDivorce instead, click here >>

My Divorce Papers FAQs

Even after reading all of the information on the website and online reviews, you may still have questions. Here are the answers to some of the most frequently asked ones.