eHarmony vs. Match In 2022 – Read This BEFORE Signing Up

Are you tired of dating apps loaded with fake profiles and people only looking for casual hook-ups?

Are you looking for something more serious? eHarmony and Match are the two dating sites with the most potential if this sounds like you.

But, what makes these dating sites unique and different from each other?

eHarmony and Match are the two biggest competitors in the online dating world. Perhaps the biggest difference between Match and eHarmony is that Match has a user-friendly interface where individuals seek their mate, and eHarmony uses an A.I. to match people that have similar interests and personalities.

While eHarmony has a longer set-up process, their in-depth assessment of potential mates (and you) works extremely well, successfully matching those who are truly in it for the long haul.

On the other hand, Match allows you to grab the wheel and select what you think best suits your desires. 

So, keep reading to find out which dating site is right for you in this in-depth comparison of eHarmony vs Match.

eHarmony Overview

picture of eHarmony website on a laptop

For singles who are tired of talking to casual daters and looking for a serious relationship, eHarmony is a great program to use. 

eHarmony has a relatively manageable way of accessing its many features on the business side of things. 

For example, they give you three payment options:

  • The single payment option, which is a monthly subscription. 
  • The two-payment option, which allows you to pay on two different dates. 
  • The three-payment option, where you pay on three different dates. 

eHarmony’s payment options allow customers to become a member without breaking the bank.

eHarmony provides an extensive list of FAQs to answer all your questions. However, they recognize that a list can’t answer everything. If you cannot find your question, they are open to phone calls and email support. 

Let's take a closer look at eHarmony’s features:

  • Search bar – integrated for your compatibility
  • SMS verification – for your convenience
  • Video chat
  • Free weekend communication – where free subscribers get almost all the paid features on weekends.
  • See who viewed you – only paid version
  • Unlimited messaging
  • View who added you to their favorites list 

What We Like About eHarmony

eHarmony is for singles looking for serious and committed relationships who may struggle to find it in their existing circles. eHarmony makes the dating experience easy with compatibility and personality-related questions so they can automatically set you up with your best fit. 

Here's what we like about eHarmony:

  • Uses advanced technology to get you exactly what you desire
  • Highest activity sites and memberships
  • Pricing is straightforward and easy to understand
  • Equal balance of men and women (51% male / 49% female)
  • New video integrated platform
  • Very few fake profiles and scammers

For a user-friendly, mostly hands-off experience that yields results, eHarmony is your best option.

What People Are Saying About eHarmony

According to, many reviews show one out of five stars. Sounds terrible, we know, but we have to take that with a grain of salt. Most reviews complain about pricing, the struggle to delete or unsubscribe, and poor customer support. While these specifics are crucial to have throughout a business, other reviews say the pricing is worth it.

While most people say that eHarmony is overpriced and is no better than other competing dating sites, some couples have said they are with their current match now, both extremely happy. 

(There’s also the thought that someone just had a poor dating experience or didn’t find their “one” and decided to rate the site badly, so you know. Keep that in mind, too. Spite is a powerful motivator). 

The truth is that you'll never fully know all of what eHarmony has to offer you until you give it a shot. If you don't mind paying a little more for a user-friendly experience that matches you based on your personality, eHarmony is right for you.

Who knows – you might just find your perfect match.

Match Overview

picture of match website on a laptop

Like eHarmony, Match is for singles committed to finding a serious relationship. However, it has a far more casual approach, so it's similar to other dating apps like Bumble. Like eHarmony, Match has its own video option to facetime other singles, making it much easier to greet face-to-face without fully committing to the in-person option.

On the business end, Match is cheaper than eHarmony if you want premium features such as instant messenger, seeing who's viewed you, and browsing anonymously. Unlike eHarmony, Match promises a 6-month guarantee option for its members. 

Whereas Match is unsuccessful in finding your perfect match, you'll be rewarded with an additional 6-month service for free. That’s pretty awesome, we must say. 

Match has a direct line to call for support and is reasonably quick in email responses when you’ve reached out to them. To get to this point though, you must fill out a form for your issue first. Match identifies the problem and offers you excellent quality support right away.

As for the site features, most singles are disappointed with the many options to buy add-ons. If you're willing to get the most out of Match and spend the extra money.

Here's what you can expect with Match:

  • Advanced profile search
  • Social media linking
  • Games you can play with your love interests
  • Pick a favorite
  • Weekly magazine
  • A blog for tips and help for a great dating experience
  • Filtered email options
  • Video chat

Like eHarmony, if you'd like to message any interests, you have to pay for a subscription and use most of the above features. However, when it comes to love, sometimes the risk is worth it.

What We Like About Match

What's really remarkable about Match is that you can send your profile to sister sites to increase your chances of finding the perfect soul mate. The profile set-up does not take long – about 10 minutes – and because of the user-friendly interface, Match has over 8 million subscribers.

The good thing about Match is that you don't have to commit to anything right away. Whether you want casual dating or a serious relationship, Match is friendly for all tastes and preferences. With plans starting at $15.99 a month, Match is an experience that rates one of the highest in all online dating sites. 

What People Are Saying About Match

According to, Match has ratings ranging from 2 to 5 stars. Unfortunately, the leading complaint is that Match matches you with non-existent accounts or fake profiles. (Yikes– nothing quite kills your eagerness to search like a fake). If you’re tired of it, delete your photos and wait till your subscription ends to delete your account.

What people like about Match is that it's a very hands-on experience, unlike eHarmony. Due to this hands-on experience, you're in the driver's seat. You choose who to contact, and you do the searching. On top of this, you’re more likely to find people looking for differing experiences on Match, from casual friendships to lifelong lovers. 

Another complaint that customers have addressed is that Match seems to have a bunch of matches they are not interested in due to personality differences. The only time there has been a reasonably great experience is when customers have taken the leap and paid for complete services. 

Not the best setup, there. That’s a lot of committed surfing and sorting on your part. 

But, remember– when it comes to online dating, you never know who you'll meet and what your experience will be. What didn’t work for someone else may work great for you!

eHarmony vs. Match Reviewed and Compared

So, what are the main differences between eHarmony and Match? The most significant difference is that Match has a laid-back, more casual feel to the game. In contrast, eHarmony is strictly serious relationship status only. 

While there are many things the competitors do similarly, each has been thoroughly reviewed and compared so that you can decide which one suits your needs best. Whether you're looking for a fling or something more serious, here's what you can expect from both dating sites.

Sign-up Process

The process for signing up with eHarmony takes about 20 minutes. eHarmony asks you a series of questions regarding your preferences, values, personality, and the type of relationship you're looking for. 

You will encounter a range of questions, such as:

  • Your name
  • Where you live
  • Who are you interested in?
  • Email and date of birth
  • A series of character questions (patience level, spiritual or religious, outgoing, creative, etc.)
  • A series of personality questions (organization skills, communication, empathy, etc.)
  • A series questions regarding of how emotional you are (in the last month, how happy, sad, or angry have you been)
  • What are your skills? (Reading, writing, physically fit, laziness, etc.)
  • A series of relationship questions (what is your image of the perfect partner?)
  • Physical appearance and career questions
  • Your habits
  • What you are thankful for

Clearly, eHarmony takes relationships very seriously. They want to build you a thorough profile to reach the best possible candidates possible. 

Match has similar attributes to the sign-up process eHarmony does; however, it does not take 20 minutes. It takes about 7 minutes to complete the registrations. Match asks you things regarding education, interests, what you're looking for in a partner, beliefs, and habits, but doesn’t go quite as in-depth. 

What you can expect from Match is:

  • Name
  • Date of birth and where you live
  • Height and body type
  • Kids
  • Education level and career
  • Habits
  • What you're looking for in a partner
  • Beliefs and religion
  • Asks you questions you must answer in a paragraph format

While the questions may seem similar, eHarmony takes the cake with in-depth detail about you and what you desire. It’s like the iceberg analogy– Match questions show you the tip, and eHarmony questions reveal the whole thing. 


While eHarmony and Match are similar in price, eHarmony is ultimately more expensive. While the free lifetime membership is great, you don't get to engage with the incredible features you would with a premium membership.

eHarmonyCost per monthTotal
Premium Light (6 months)$65.90 a month$395.40
Premium Plus (12 months)$45.90 a month$550.80
Premium Extra (24 months)$35.90 a month$861.60

Unlike eHarmony, Match offers two membership deals – standard and premium. Again, with a standard membership, you don't get to enjoy all that Match has to offer. 

Match PlansCost per monthTotal
Standard 3 Months$24.99 a month$74.97
Standard 6 Months$15.99 a month$95.94
Standard 12 Months$11.99 a month$143.88
Premium 3 Months$26.99 a month$80.97
Premium 6 Months$17.99 a month$107.94
Premium 12 Months$13.99 a month$167.88

Although Match is half the price of eHarmony, and you can skip the 29 questionnaires that eHarmony offers, Match is for singles looking for casual as opposed to long-term serious relationships. 

Ease of Navigation

eHarmony makes up in areas where Match falls short. For example, Match has a more hands-on approach. In contrast, eHarmony lets an A.I. match your specific needs based on your sign-up answers. 

eHarmony has a smooth process where nothing is missed so that you end up talking to people you actually have something in common with. The less-guided approach Match aims for is so that you are in control while they track and process your picks and what feels simple to you. 

Needless to say, you'll have to do your homework on Match before they know who to match you with. In contrast, eHarmony easily glides through this slow process and immediately groups you with like-minded singles. 

On the other hand, Match gives you the option to like photos and profiles and give winks, hearts, and yes ratings to individuals, and eHarmony does not. Although, too many icons can make the online dating experience confusing and overwhelming – because what do these buttons actually mean? No one really knows. 

Lastly, Match appeases the interests of the LGBTQ+ community where eHarmony gears more towards straight contenders. Based on the platform and interface eHarmony uses, things may feel a bit more old-fashioned in finding love.

Success Rate claims its dating site has the most successful marriages and long-term relationships by 38%, and it was created in April of 1995. On the other hand, eHarmony was created in August of 2000 and has claimed that 71% of women and 69% of men become married within a year of meeting each other on their site. 

So, eHarmony takes the cake with how successful their online experience is compared to While you may see that Match is the number one winner for matching the most singles and having the most marriages through a dating app – remember that they have been in the game five years longer than any other competitor.


Match has over 20 million members with over 6 million monthly subscribers. eHarmony is a close second with 15 million total members and roughly 900,000 monthly subscribers. Again, Match was created first, and eHarmony caught up to Match within 5 years. 

While Match may have more members, its site is targeted at all types of lookers, from casual to serious. eHarmony finds a direct approach and targets singles whose only motive is to find their perfect soul mate. 

Messaging System

Who has the better messaging system? Both Match and eHarmony have unlimited messaging (with paid service) and who viewed or favored you. While Match has more creative icons and games you can play with your love interest to “break the silence,” eHarmony has a smoother and more visual interface for messaging. 

Then again, eHarmony allows you to give your love interest automatic questions to keep the conversation flowing. Both platforms give you the freedom to speak to your love interest through facetime and chat. 

But who's better? For this one, we'll have to call it even.

Customer Support

While both companies offer great support options with email contact and toll-free numbers to call for complaints and requests, Match is easier and faster if you’re trying to reach an actual person. eHarmony has an extensive FAQ section that you must skim through following an A.I. before reaching for on-the-phone chat support.

While both have easily accessible email support, Match is only available on weekdays during business hours and doesn't state a turnaround time. eHarmony is open 24 hours for email support and promises at least a 36-hour turnaround time. 

eHarmony Support 

  • Phone – (844) 527-7421
  • Hours: Mon-Sat 8am-5pm (PST)
  • Live Chat
  • Email Contact Form
  • Contact via Social Media
    • Twitter
    • Facebook
  • Help Center – detailed FAQ
  • Mailing Address:
    • P.O. Box 241810, Los Angeles, CA 90024 Support 

  • Phone – (800) 926-2824
  • Hours: Mon-Fri 8am to 5pm (CST)
  • Live Chat
  • Email Contact Form
  • Contact via Social Media
    • Twitter
    • Facebook
  • Detailed FAQ
  • Mailing Address:
    • P.O. Box 25458, Dallas, Texas 75225

Final Results

Although Match is a great place to search for compatible singles, our pick for who's best is eHarmony. Match offers a more general approach to the dating world. In contrast, eHarmony's smooth interface, stunning visual design, and very user-friendly experience make searching for love a breeze.

And, to be honest, Match has many things they can learn from eHarmony that are either outdated or downright frustrating. You won't find nearly as many fake or dead profiles on eHarmony as this competitor shuffles through many profiles and does its best to delete unused or old accounts. 

Both sites are pretty capable of getting what you sign up for (as long as you're willing to pay for all the benefits included), and the ultimate decision is up to you. Depending on what you're looking for, Match is best for casual dating with the off-chance you'll find your soul mate.

With eHarmony, you’re much more likely to find the one. And really, that’s what we’re after, here.

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Before taking our word for it, I'm sure you still have some questions regarding the online dating experience. Sure, you could try free dating apps such as Bumble and Tinder. If you're looking for a quick friend with benefits deal. (Which, if you’re reading this, we’re guessing you’re probably not). 

Check below for some additional information to guide you on your dating journey.

  • What is the best dating site for a serious relationship?
    Aside from eHarmony and Match being the highest competition for serious long-term relationships, a few others have made themselves fair game. OurTime is the best serious relationship site that targets people aged 50 and up. OurTime helps Canadians and Americans across the globe find true companionship. Hinge uses behavioral analysts and matchmakers to study dating perspectives and compatibility to match you with their version of the perfect mate. Hinge is next in line, with their success rating through the roof. 90% of Hinge users stated they were delighted with their love interest, and 72% said they were looking forward to a second. If serious or progressive relationships are what you're searching for, look no other than OkCupid. OkCupid is known for progressive dating and matches you best with other singles who answer questions similar to your responses. OkCupid makes for a strong eHarmony and Match competitor. Still, when you delve through all the features, Match and eHarmony remain the top two choices for success.
  • Which dating site has the highest success rate?
    Each dating site or app is judged based on its targeted focus. We found that Match is best for marriages. Then again, eHarmony is a close second and is the most successful dating site for serious relationships. However, Tinder was ranked for the most successful hook-ups, and Bumble was ranked most successful for first dates and connection chemistry between singles. If you're looking for everything, the overall success rate goes to Hinge, as there's a mix of pretty much all of those factors. We repeat, though: the number one spot for successful serious long-term relationships in general goes to eHarmony.
  • Does eHarmony or Match have fake profiles?
    eHarmony has the fewest number of fake profiles. Due to eHarmony’s extensive sign-up page, it would be difficult to guide a bot or fake person through the entire A.I. integration in the beginning. eHarmony rejects almost 20% of people who apply due to their profile seeming suspicious or fake. If you think about it, what scammer would want to pay a high fee to prank strangers when there are tons of other options they can toy with?, on the other hand, has been reported to FCC many times with the suspicion that there are faker profiles on the site. Many subscribers have complained that many of the profiles they become matched with are no longer available. Be careful of fake profiles. How do you spot them? Watch out for:
    • Missing social media
    • Limited pictures
    • Content that seems too good or extraordinary
    • Upon meeting a fake profile, you may come across someone who is very straightforward and blunt - where's the ice breaker and awkwardness?
  • What is the best dating site for over 50?
    The most successful relationship dating app for singles over 50 is Elite Singles. Elite Singles has the most mature, educated, and older people who don't like wasting time on a simple hook-up or playing games. While the serious level of commitment isn't as top-notch as eHarmony, Elite Singles dedicated their time to filtering out immature youngins who are just looking for someone to appease their nightly desires. While Elite Singles has done an outstanding job targeting its audience, Silver Singles has more 50+ year-olds than any other dating app. Silver Singles is 100% dedicated to helping 50+-year-olds find their significant other, and rest assured if you're that age and still looking to hook up, another site like Match may be a better fit.
  • Is eHarmony better than Bumble?
    Everyone has their own definition of what they think is best depending on their specific interests. If you're looking to pass the time and talk to singles that you can connect with, Bumble is the way to go. On the other hand, if you're dedicated to finding real people who don't want to waste anyone's time, eHarmony is better. But, based on the many things eHarmony has that Bumble doesn't, such as little to no fake profiles - eHarmony takes the cake.