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DivorceAnswers.com is looking for divorce, relationship, family , personal finance, therapists and other experts to contribute content that will be posted on our blog.

Authors we are looking for include:

Please Note: Articles must be written by a real person with online profiles for us to verify their identity, not just a company. If you are writing on behalf of a professional that is ok but we will need to know the person that you are writing on their behalf.

Divorce Topics

We publish articles for a wide audience interested in divorce, the content topics can include just thinking about having marriage troubles to life after divorce and everything in between.

Divorce we publish include:

We are open to article ideas that help people in all stages of relationships, divorce, family, etc.

Our Audience and Voice

Readers of our blog come from a diverse background but are all interested in the divorce topics listed above.

We want our guest articles to provide helpful tips to these readers that will cover the topic completely, including facts and statistics from authoritative sources to back up any claims or statements.

When writing your guest article, please use a conversational, helpful but authoritative tone to convey you are a real person but have an expertise to write about the given topic.

Guide people through the information in the article, and be clear and concise in your language. Ultimately, you want our readers to feel they got all the information they needed when reading your article and it was written by someone that they can relate to in real life.

Writer's Guidelines

Please follow these guidelines when writing your article. We reserve the right to reject and edit articles that don't meet these guidelines.

Pro Tip: We only want high quality content. The more comprehensive your article is, the better chances you have of getting published.

We edit articles in the order we receive them. Once you submit a guest post, we will edit it within 2 weeks. We may send it back to you if it needs additional work.

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If you are interested in submitting an article for our blog here is the process.

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Step 2: We will review your application and we will reach out to you if your article suggestion is approved or not approved within 1 week. The more thorough a pitch and matching our topics, the more likely it is to be accepted.

Step 3: If you are approved you can submit your article according to our instructions that we will send you. If you are not approved you can reapply with a different article topic.

Step 4: We will publish your article and you can share it with your email lists, social media followers etc.

Apply to write for our real estate and personal finance blog today! We look forward to working with you.

Guest Writer Application

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