Justice Now

What Was Justice Now?

Justice Now (the Organization) was a California non-profit that was initially established in 2002 that partnered with people in women's prisons and local communities to build a safer, more compassionate world without prisons. Justice Now provided legal advocacy to people in California women’s prisons who required services in various areas. Justice Now also provided legal resources to assist people in California women’s prisons in safeguarding their legal and human rights. They have also worked on compassionate releases.

They Envisioned a World Without Prisons

Justice Now's networks, access, and experience rendered them uniquely suited to achieve their goals. They have a demonstrated commitment to the participation of people who are currently locked up in prison in all aspects of their programming and operations, particularly in their leadership. They had developed a strong network of organizers inside, and a board comprised entirely of people who are currently or formerly imprisoned. The majority of their staff was formerly incarcerated as well. They brought powerful lived experiences to the work and ensured that those directly impacted by the criminal justice system played a central role in working to end it.

They believed that prisons and policing are not making our communities safe and whole but that, instead, the current system damages both the people it imprisons and their communities. From using a gender justice framework, they understood that all of the violence we face is interconnected. Efforts to criminalize violence against women, trans-phobic violence, and other forms of interpersonal violence have not ended those harms. Instead, criminalization has only extended the reach of the prison industrial complex. They were interested not only in challenging what we see happening in prisons, but also in building a different world – a world where all of us have affordable housing, food, healthcare, economic opportunity, and freedom from both individual and state violence. This vision included creating new ways to respond when people harm each other – ways that no longer rely on violence and control.

What Is Justice Now… Now?

The former California non-profit organization made tremendous progress in their former mission but like most things in life, it is now time for change. The next iteration of this valuable website is to provide resources to individuals who are struggling in their marriage and need support and guidance throughout the divorce process under the brand Divorce Answers. We will provide everything from reviews of the best online divorce services that will allow people to end their marriage cheaply and quickly.

State Divorce Resources

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