How To Message On Ashley Madison Without Paying

If you don't know about Ashley Madison, here is a quick recap: It is the most popular and largest hookup website which targets unsatisfied couples as its primary market.

Its very nature has sparked much debate on the internet as some people are irked by the fact that it blatantly promotes infidelity and encourages extra-marital affairs.

You should, however, note that Ashley Madison is not entirely free to use.

You have to pay for credits to use certain features such as messaging but there are workarounds.

In this article, we will show you techniques on how to message on Ashley Madison without paying. Let's take a look.

What Is Ashley Madison?

The online dating service Ashley Madison was created primarily for people in long-term monogamous relationships who desire to conduct a discreet affair.

It's been at the center of controversy on the internet, mainly with its tagline, “Life is short. Have an affair.” It has 54 million users (mainly from the USA, Spain, and Brazil) who can connect, send messages, photos, and videos, and plan their affairs together.

Additionally, this service targets married men and capitalize on their weaknesses to generate revenue.

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What Is So Controversial About Ashley Madison?

It makes sense that Ashley Madison has a contentious reputation.

Its primary objective is to promote infidelity between two people whose current partners are unaware of their affairs, earning it the label “company built on the back of broken hearts.”

This site's use has resulted in numerous broken households, kids with divorced parents, lengthy custodial hearings, and worse.

Additionally, users of the site have expressed dissatisfaction over the fact that, out of the hundreds of accounts they have linked with, only a small percentage are real human beings.

Ashley Madison is notorious for being filled with millions of bots, most of which are ‘female,' intending to lure heterosexual male users in with the promise of unfettered extra-marital sex.

This site has also had a negative reputation for being an unsafe website due to a significant data breach that exposed all of the personal data, messages, addresses, payment information, and images and videos of users to the public.

Ashley Madison is said to have taken action to increase the safety and privacy of its website after the data hack.

However, there are still concerns with sending and receiving photos and videos, which could mean non-members can easily access them.

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How Is Ashley Madison Priced?

Every action you take on the Ashley Madison website costs credits.

As a result, the website has created three different credit plans so that you can use the service you require. You can choose any credit plan based on your needs and budget.

  • Basic Plan: The least expensive choice is the basic plan. In this plan, 100 credit points will cost about $59, making each credit worth $0.59.
  • Classic Plan: The Classic Plan is the next level up from the Basic Plan, and it costs $0.34 for each credit, so you can receive 500 credit points for about $169.
  • Elite Plan: The Elite Plan is the final upgrade option. It costs $0.29 per credit. Therefore you get 1000 credit points for $289.

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How Can I Message on Ashley Madison Without Paying?

There are other options in which you can message on Ashley Madison without burning a hole through your pocket.

Here are some of them:

Gender Rights

Ashley Madison is entirely free for women. It is free for female users to send and receive messages on Ashley Madison partly because the site's founders are actively attempting to draw real women users, a goal that appears to be challenging.

The site believes in giving its female users an advantage over male users. Therefore, you can message on Ashley Madison for free if you're a woman looking to use this online dating site.

However, men are required to spend a specific amount for credits that let them send messages.

Get a Promo Account

You must first create an account on the website. It then grants free 30-day trial access to all services upon registration in exchange for exclusive access.

This is offered as a complimentary gift. You will need credits after the first 30 days have passed to use any service on the website.

Therefore, you should make the most of these 30 days by sending as many messages as you can.

Additionally, you can take it a notch higher and create a new account after the trial period has ended to continue receiving these bonus features free of charge for another 30 days.

Terminate Your Premium Subscription Before Its Due Date

Users of Ashley Madison can access a variety of features. As a result, it seeks to demonstrate its genuine concern for user satisfaction.

Ashley Madison offers its subscribers the benefit of receiving a full refund if they cancel their premium plan before the due date.

The reimbursement is provided as payment for the unsatisfactory outcomes. You can exploit this feature to your advantage and as a ruse to use the service without paying a dime.

This technique is similar to getting a promo account, except this time, you will actually pay for the premium plan, and your credit card will be charged.

Here is the plot twist: If you terminate the premium plan before the end of the month, you will receive a full refund.

You will have enjoyed using all of the service features on Ashley Madison without having to pay.

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Now you know how to message on Ashley Madison without paying by trying the alternatives above.

In a nutshell, you can register and send messages for free if you're a woman. However, if you are male or identify as non-binary, you must pay to send and receive messages.

You can also sign up for a one-month free trial, during which you will not be charged.

Finally, if you're considering having an affair, it's probably healthier and better for everyone involved if you tell your partner how you feel rather than risk causing more long-term harm by chasing someone else.