How Can I Divorce My Husband Easily?

There are many reasons why people decide they want a divorce. Some realize they have grown apart over time and no longer have anything in common, while others discover that their partner has been unfaithful or abusive.

Whatever your reason, it’s essential to ensure that both partners are on board with starting the divorce process together.

Divorce is not an easy process, as it involves a lot of emotions and legal steps. However, it can be done if necessary and doesn’t have to be complicated.

So, if you’ve been wondering, how can I divorce my husband easily? Here is the answer.

What Can I Do To Obtain a Divorce?

You’ll need to provide evidence that there are grounds to end your marriage before you can get a divorce. Different states allow various reasons to file for divorce, but below are some of the most prevalent reasons for divorce.


If you can show that your husband has an intimate relationship with somebody else, infidelity might qualify as a basis for divorce in certain states. Although infidelity is not a legal basis for divorce in many jurisdictions, it may be taken into account by the court when deciding how to divide the couple’s assets.


To establish negligence as a defense, your husband must have left the marital home for a predetermined period, which in some jurisdictions is one year. You must prove to the court that your husband has not been supporting your family financially or emotionally.

Mental or Physical Abuse

In most jurisdictions, it’s possible to obtain a divorce based on physical or emotional abuse. The abuse must be severe enough that it makes it dangerous for you to continue living in the same house with your husband.

No-Fault Divorce

Currently, every state allows for a no-fault divorce. In some states, separation is mandatory for a given period, often six months or a year. Individuals filing for divorce under this category typically claim “irresolvable differences” as the cause.

Before initiating the process, you must meet the residency criteria of the state where you intend to file for divorce. The requirements can vary according to the state. The laws stipulate the minimum years the state must serve as your principal residence.

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Should I Get a Lawyer for My Divorce?

Yes, a divorce lawyer can act as a representative for your best interests throughout the process. You can discuss your situation with a competent attorney without spending a dime by scheduling a first free consultation.  

The divorce lawyer may advise on the best practices to get a divorce quickly. In your first appointment, ask the attorney if it’s viable to solve the matter in court or not.   

If you understand the divorce process, you can hire a lawyer to help with specific parts. However, the attorney needs to be familiar with your state’s laws.

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How Do Divorce Proceedings Go Down?

Although each divorce case is unique and each state has a different process, a few aspects of the procedure are standard across the board and remain the same.

Unchallenged divorces, where both parties consent to the terms of the divorce action, will end quickly and involve fewer legal hurdles than disputed divorces. Here are a few steps you must follow when filing for a divorce.


To divide the marital assets, you and your husband must come clean about your financial situation. State laws also differ in terms of which spouse owns which assets. If you live in a state that follows the community property principle, they regard all marital possessions as jointly owned by you and your partner.

In states that employ an equitable distribution criterion, the court will consider which spouse has made more financial contribution to the marriage and thus deserves a larger share of the assets.

Since they save time and resources, settlements are usually many individuals’ favorite. Divorce attorneys can handle negotiations, and whatever settlement they reach will be binding on their clients.

Divorce Court

If you can’t reach an agreement, you will go before a court, which assesses the assets and make a ruling that you must both abide by. Since judgments are unchangeable, you can solve the issues outside of court with your husband.

Appeal Process

Judgments are final, but aggrieved parties may appeal if they have a good reason to believe the decision was incorrect owing to improper use of evidence, factual mistakes, or reliance on no longer valid precedent.

Tips For Getting a Divorce Without a Lawyer

You can apply for divorce and finalize it on your own without the help of a lawyer. You should consider a do-it-yourself divorce if:

  • You and your husband agree on all outstanding matters relating to the divorce.
  • You feel confident that you thoroughly understand your family’s financial situation.
  • You’re okay with the custody and assistance agreements for your kids.

Things To Consider Before Going Into a DIY Divorce

Before you go into a DIY divorce, think about the following suggestions.

Do You Have the Time and the Right Attitude?

You may desire to cut costs, but do you also have the time to learn about the legal requirements in your state, compile the necessary paperwork, and appear for trial? Even if you and your husband are on board with the procedure, you’ll still need a level head to deal with the emotional ups and downs that are likely to occur.

Think About Mediation

Don’t give up if child custody or alimony is your DIY divorce’s only point of contention. Divorce mediators are neutral third parties that help divorcing couples find common ground and resolve contentious matters.

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Likewise, if emotional issues are why you need a divorce, a counselor might be able to mediate a solution that will break the stalemate. Mediation may be a good option if you and your husband can’t settle on the significant issues of the divorce, including financial support to the family.

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Stay Away From DIY if There’s Anger or Deceit

A DIY divorce is not a good idea if your husband has a lot of pent-up resentment and could hurt you or your kids if they don’t control the anger. Furthermore, it’s inappropriate if you have a reason to suspect your partner is trying to keep you from getting your fair share of the couple’s assets by moving them to an account in his name.

Internet-Based Divorce Companies

If you don’t have easy access to a firm that offers walk-in document preparation, you might find it helpful to work with an agency that solely interacts with clients doing an online divorce.

When you’re done responding to the questions online, the forms will either appear on your screen or be sent to you via email. You’re responsible for submitting the documents to the court.   

The online service may coordinate the submission process for you. The prices range from $200 to $500 (which is pretty cheap for a divorce), but the actual cost depends on the agency you need the paperwork done.

However, doing some homework about the service might be beneficial, especially looking at customer reviews. Use your discretion to get the solution that best suits your needs.

Final Thoughts

So, how can I divorce my husband easily? The process of getting a divorce is not always straightforward. You will have to work through your emotions, deal with the divorce’s logistics and then work with your spouse and lawyer to get things done.

Furthermore, you’ll need to find out your state’s divorce regulations and if there’s a waiting period before filing for divorce. We hope the article has helped answer the question, how can I divorce my husband easily?